Resolution is a project by the design studio Barnbrook. A creative response to the political situation in Northern Ireland.

In the past we have responded to many international political issues with our own graphic work, but we felt now we should look at something unique to the UK where we are based. We chose Northern Ireland because as communicators we believe the complexity and subtlety of the issues involved were not fully understood by many. We also believe that there is a rich history of visual work that has been overlooked, even in Britain.

It easy to criticise a situation or highlight the negative, it is not easy to add something original or worthwhile to it but we felt it was important to do that for a place which has moved forward in a very positive direction despite the negative press coverage that is coming out of the area. What we didnt want to do however was make ‘feel good’ work that sits in an inoffensive space that nobody cares about.

We don’t think this project will be easy. We are also acutely aware that that the Northern Ireland conflict is recent history, therefore it is still subject full of emotion.

The project encompasses typefaces, photography, mural designs, artworks, infographics, user-submitted works and ongoing student projects. What is currently on show on the website is a very small percentage of the ongoing work from this project. This website will be updated periodically with new sections and student projects.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Middlesex University for major funding of this project. Jonathan Barnbrook worked there for a year as a research professor, set a student brief which involved a weekly tutorial, going to Northern Ireland with the students and arranging for them to meet with former members of the conflict.

We would also like to thank: Fionna Smyth formely of Amnesty and now of Oxfam for her long term personal support, advice, hospitality and enthusiasm. Claire Lewis of Middlesex university for her organisation & enthusiasm. Phil Healey for his generous support. Gerry for his time, help and inspiration. Leo, Don & Christy for their effort with the students and honesty. Coco for his good humour & time. Nev for his hospitality.

For a good overview of the conflict, go here, here, or here.